Helpful advice when travelling with Sapaly Express Train

Sapaly Express Train Sapa

Be aware the following advice when you travel with Sapaly Express train or other trains from Hanoi to Sapa

  • The toilets on Sapaly Express Train by the morning can only be described as filthy. Urine everywhere! We would strongly advise using them before bed of a night and trying to hold off until you get off the train and to your hotel if you can.
  • We would suggest you to bring earplugs and some sleep aid as it is not quiet or a smooth ride since trains are pulled on old rails.
  • We would suggest you to book the entire cabin to be sure you know your bunk mates.
  • Be aware Sapaly Express Train as well as other train are an old carriages refurbished and the doors are glass and every bit of noise and light comes through the door.