Bus to sapa
  • Buses can pick you up from city central to town while trains travel from station to station
  • Buses have more timings while trains have odd fixed timing at night
  • Buses take about 5 hours and a half while trains take about 8 hours
  • Buses are cheaper than trains
Sapaly Express Train Cabin
  • Trains are the best if you get car sick
  • Overnight trains give you a full day in Hanoi or in Sapa so you can have your arrival/departure flight in the daylight or full day sightseeing.
  • Trains are much safer than buses (trains are the best while buses’ accident can happen)
  • Trains even have comfortable sleepers which are better than local coaches.
  • There are just about 2-4 passengers in a train cabin than 20-40 people on a bus. You can book a private cabin for yourself only if you prefer privacy! Trains have VIP 2 berth cabin for couple or 4 berth cabin for your small family.